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Greg Osborne
Best board, best company!

I’ve ridden dozens of splitboards over the years and this is the best—it’s not even close. It’s light, responsive, floats, and still holds an edge. But beyond that, I’m a Cardiff loyalist now. Their customer service and small-business approach is top notch.

Mike M
Best Board I've Ever Strapped Into

The Carbon Goat is by far the most confidence inspiring and fun board I've ever been on! From super steep lines, to deep pow, to mellow cruisers, it's a quiver killer! Thanks Cardiff!

Great board, running hards on a full spark set up

I notice there are some comments here about hard boots. I'm running a full hard boot spark set Dyno HD set up with tech toes on a 162 board (Maybe a smaller board may prove an issue). I'm 5"11, size 9 UK (10 US) and its a wide stance, slightly wider stance than normal for me but i still had plenty of room for binding adjustment.

I'm using Atomic backland pro boots with Phantom lock levers and i have to say its awesome. Clearly not the responsive ride as softs but really great ride down and having touring hard boots is no comparison up hill.

Game changer. Great board.

Somewhere Up Here
Works great with Hardboots

Regarding the comment below: maybe there is a specific issue with the Spark set up for hard boots but I have been running Phantoms on the Goat for years. This is a great board for hard booters no issues on my end.


I just purchased a Cardiff Goat Carbon 162. Was really stoked until I went to set it up. I run a narrow stance, and with the Spark pucks in place where i want my feet to go, the tech toes cannot be mounted to the board. The only way for the tech toe to fit with the bindings on is if my front foot is pushed ALL the way forward.  In other words, THIS BOARD IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH HARD BOOTS. DO NOT BUY THIS BOARD OR THE GOAT ENDURO IF YOU RUN HARD BOOTS OR MIGHT WANT TO RUN HARD BOOTS IN THE FUTURE.

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