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James Rosenberg
Demoed today!

Got a chance to try these out on some mediocre conditions, and heavy pow.
They were very responsive even in some pretty tight trees, and charged hard through crud. great graphics and the top sheets seem durable.

Mauri Cambilla
Easy and Fun

The Powgoda 184cm: I used these skis most days down in Bariloche Patagonia, I mounted these skis with touring bindings. Great ski for pow, super easy to maneuver around the trees or narrow terrain. Very surfy and stable. Also super fun to ski on groomers or choppy snow! carves really well on hard pack snow... "ski more work less" just because they are pretty light when you are touring up the mountain


Skiable, dependable, durable, responsive, and good looking - these are just a few of the characteristics that have me reaching for the Powgoda everytime it snows. They carve, they float, they charge, they stomp, they do everything I ask of them and more.

Trevor Thompson
Wasatch Surf Sticks

The great and powerful Central Wasatch birthed these ripping pontoons. I’ve spent 20 days with the 184cm Powgoda’s underfoot this season, predominantly in the backcountry of Little Cottonwood. From 45 degree semi steeps (so far) and even the occasional groomed and dust on crust I was surprised to find how well these lightweight big boys handled hard pack and dust over crust conditions. Fear not, they absolutely fly underfoot when the flakes build up and you’re knee deep in the Wasatch’s legendary champagne powder, surfing around with just a flick of the toes and owing to that early rise and big tip, they float without effort down the powder. These sticks have become daily drivers and at 5’9” 165lbs skiing 184cm x 112mm underfoot I’m not surprised, I’m stoked on the performance.

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