The Cardiff Crew

Bjorn Leines


Bjorn Leines is a LIFER and student of the mountains in the snow community, which has shaped most all aspects of his life. Bjorn has inspired riders for over two decades obtaining a list of accolades a mile long. None of those compares to the experience of growing up in a time where snowboarding as a “sport” went from a bunch of rebels to mainstream acceptance and awareness. He is grateful to be on this journey learning and growing alongside and within the snow industry as not only an athlete, but also a designer, manager, and entrepreneur. His intentions are to push his abilities to reach his potential and also to mentor the Cardiff Crew along the way so we can all “Stand In High Places” together.

Bjorn's Setup

The Crane

The Goat

Black Diamond GlideLite Splitboard Climbing Skins 145 MM

Black Diamond Dawn Patrol 32 Backpack

Black Diamond Carbon Compactor Ski Poles

First it was the product. Having such well-designed and purpose driven product combined with a very refined and elevated aesthetic made them super attractive… after riding a Cardiff for the first time I instantly wanted to understand more about the construction and geometry because they rode better than any other board I had been on prior.

Goat Split Pro carbon 166, Goat Soild Pro carbon 166, Crane Split Pro Carbon 162, Crane Solid Pro Carbon 162. The Goat has the float and a is insanely stable at high speeds. It’s my go to when the snow is over a foot deep, whether its at the resort or in the backcountry. I’m also lucky to have the Crane. This is my preference for most resort riding and I love it in the backcountry, especially when the terrain is complex. It turns on a dime and has such a snappy response because of the combination of the sidecut and camber profile. I like the reactiveness and energy that the carbon cores give me.

Alaska is my fav place to ride… Ak has a way of making you feel small because everything is on such a bigger scale. The terrain is some of the best in the world and always seems to push my imagination and ability. It’s a humbling feeling being in Alaska and the wild environment is incredible.


Neil Provo


Snowboarding has taken Neil all over the globe in search of the perfect line, the perfect snow, and the good times that come with the search. From Alaska all the way back east to the small ski hill Neil grew up on in Connecticut, it has been his vessel for creativity and what drives him in life! For the past 20 years he's gotten to work with some of the best athletes and film crews in the snow world to bring visions to reality.

Neil's Setup

The Powgoda

The Crane

It was really the outstanding performance of the boards that really led me to fall in love with Cardiff. Every attention to detail was addressed and it keeps on evolving. It’s the best combination of performance, lightweight materials and durability that I have come across.

My Go to rides are the carbon Powgoda split and Crane Split. The Powgoda for the deep, and the crane for the steeps! I enjoy the nimble nature of the tighter side cuts and the benefit of the lightweight carbon construction. For bindings I use Spark R&D… Preferably none at all if the snow allows for it! Surfs up!

Alaska for the massive and unique terrain, British Columbia for the pillows, and back home in Utah for the consistently good powder snow. Each have such a variety of terrain and challenges!


Rafael Pease


Rafael grew up all over the place. He has always been active in the outdoors but didn’t begin snowboarding until he was 17. Now 27, he spends nearly every month in the mountains. Rafael splits his home between Chile and the United States. He combines his education in environmental sciences with his career in the mountains to make forward-thinking film projects with his company - Connections Movement.

Rafael's Setup

The Goat

I enjoy the durability & simplicity of the splitboards. There is nowhere these boards can't be taken, they thrive in all kinds of conditions which make the ride that much more trusting and enjoyable.

For me the Goat split & solid are my favorite boards. Sturdy yet playful.

What initially got me into snowboarding is nature, so being a steward to the places I enjoy so much is something I am heavily invested in. Protecting the rights of the wild places & those socially oppressed from going to them is what I like dedicating much of my time too.

Alex Gavic


Alex Gavic grew up competing in Slopestyle on Mt. Hood. In 2009 he made the move from the PNW to Park City, Utah. His snowboarding focus would eventually switch from the terrain parks to the backcountry.

Two things: The gear and the crew. The gear is epic. So much trial and error going into the boards over the years makes the Cardiff lineup one of the complete backcountry quiver killers. The Goat in the steeps last year was confidence inspiring with traction in variable snowpack conditions. The second reason is the Cardiff CREW! Such camaraderie. Together I’m psyched to help the Crew push into the future.

I ride the 166 Pro Carbon Goat split & solid. I like the Carbon Goat because it is super light. I definitely felt the difference while walking around in the Tetons last winter once I put this thing under me. I could walk much further without getting so gassed. Despite the weight reduction, it is very stable in the steeps. 

I want to ride the Grand Teton in powder. AK spines have always been a dream of mine. Big lines in the Alps and Karakoram. 

Megs Matheson


Growing up in Tri-Cities WA, Megs always dreamed of the mountains that were absent from her surroundings. She started snowboarding at age 14 after finally convincing her parents to take a 2 hour bus to the nearest slopes. A few tomahawks later, she was hooked - thanks Mom and Dad! These days you’ll find her in Jackson, WY splitboarding the Tetons and surrounding ranges. She's passionate about sustainability and inclusion in action sports. Her goal for this upcoming season is to work towards becoming a guide to responsibly share the sport she loves so much. Give her a howl if you see her on the slopes - you’ll never catch her without a smile and enough pocket bacon to share.

Meg's Setup

The Crane

The Lynx


Union Explorer Bindings

I was first introduced to the Cardiff Crew as a tester at shapers summit in Jackson, WY. After a few runs on the Crane I was hooked, but the enthusiasm of our crew and core values of this company is what made me fall in love with Cardiff.

The Crane all day! The Crane holds the best edge I have ever ridden in steep icy conditions and handles on a dime in powder on the deep days. The terrain in Jackson demands a board that does it all and this board does it all ably. Megs is known to ride the Crane Enduro Solid 154 and the Crane Pro Carbon Split 154.

Splitboarding in Kashmir is my dream. I’m drawn to the close access to the Himalayas as well as the cultural aspects of a trip there.

Justin Morgan


JMO grew up in Carlisle, Massachusetts and spent his childhood riding in Nashoba Valley, entering contests as a grom. He worked as an instructor at age 14 and built terrain parks until he graduated college. He was always making trips to Killington, Vermont where he found splitboarding at Pico Mountain. He moved to Utah in 2015 to build his backcountry skill set, from avalanche education to navigating exposed terrain. He pushes the limits of what's possible, searching for lines that have never been ridden. He has been featured multiple times in Ascent Magazine, and written articles for media outlets like TGR.

Justin's Setup

The Powgoda

The Goat

The innovation from Sam Bawden. For so long riding a splitboard that wasn’t reliable, rode poorly, and not designed for the uphill made progressing difficult. Riding Cardiffs I have a board I can rely on day after day in the backcountry. The materials they use means I finally have a durable, light splitboard that can take me further in the mountains. On the downhill pow to crud, I find them to be the most versatile board. Plus the float. I have never ridden a board that rides pow like these boards.

Cardiff Powgoda. It's the most fun I have ever had on a snowboard. From pow to hard pack it just loves to dance around the mountain. It's just so easy to ride in deep snow and the shape is incredible even railing groomers. Somehow its medium flex but still remains stable when on edge at speed. I just love this snowboard so much. Cardiff Carbon Goat. For big mountain riding there isn’t a better board. It's stable, maneuverable, and holds in edge in any condition which is so important when riding over exposure on steep lines.

Cardiff Fork. It's simply the best terrain I have ever ridden with the best snow. From wide open bowls to steep chutes, it has it all.

Mike Meru


Mike has a deep love and respect for the mountains, and splitboarding has been the catalyst to focus his life around them. From snowboarding off the summit of Denali, to completing the Wasatch Chuting Gallery, to searching out couloirs all over the Mountain West, he is grateful for what this journey has allowed him to see and experience. Throughout the past decade, Mike's focus has moved to exploring new-to-him lines in more remote ranges, and to teaching his girls how to find the same love for the mountains that he has been fortunate to find.

Mike's Setup

The Goat

The Powgoda

Black Diamond GlideLite Splitboard Climbing Skins 145 MM

Spark Arc ST Pro Bindings

A while back I had the opportunity to hear Sam Bawden and Bjorn Leines talk about what Cardiff means, and why they do what they do. Friends and Family. Form and Function. A company focussed on doing what is right for the splitbaording community first, and profits second. That resonated deeply with me. Then I jumped on one of their boards for the first time and I was hooked. I've ridden a lot of boards over my 30 years snowboarding and I can say that these are the best boards I have ever ridden hands down. They hold an edge in the most exposed of terrain, they are in control at high speeds, and they carve like a dream. Not only do I trust them to perform when I need them to, but they are so much fun to ride.

Goat Carbon Split 166. My first line on this board was Hellgate Couloir on a relatively firm day. If you know this line, it is a no-fall line with a 350' rappel in the middle. I was a bit nervous to drop initially on a new board, but after the first turn I knew this board was the one. It has incredible edge hold, inspires confidence at high speeds, and is blast to ride in pow as well.

Anywhere in the desert. Over the past few years I have spent more time taking the van into the desert and searching for couloirs in the more remote ranges of Utah, Colorado, and Nevada. Pow in a couloir with no one but your friends around is a special experience.


Maxwell Morrill


In 1985 Maxwell found snowboarding on the small hills of Douglas Mountain above Sebago Lake in his home State of Maine. The East Coast pioneer started competing in GS races and instructing throughout Maine and New Hampshire. Maxwell became one of the original team riders, testers and promoters at Voile, he assisted in the development of the “early days” of splitboarding. He was drawn into the mountaineer world and quickly immersed himself into avalanche education. Amassing his 3 decades of splitboard experiences Maxwell now directs the education, events, and outreach at Cardiff Snowcraft.

Maxwell's Setup

The Goat

Black Diamond GlideLite Splitboard Climbing Skins 145 MM

The pioneering spirit of Sam Bawden. How we connected over discussing the early shapes and tech of “the skiff” and “F1 Cabra”, now the Powgoda and Goat. Our builder backgrounds and views of the backcountry. The ride of the first 162 Pro Carbon Skiff on Cardiff Pass, after that fateful day, I was drawn in for the long haul.

SWELL 160 PRO CARBON (of course), Phantom slipper and bindings. – I like the Swell because of the collaboration Sam and I have had on the design. He took the specs and made an amazing board from the initial discussion, ideas and the prototype we fashioned it from. It blends my surfing and steep backcountry styles very well. The Phantom kit gives me the “flow like” style I need in powder.

Surfing, alpine climbing, exploring, sea kayaking, guiding, doing photography, filming, and hanging with my dog Maverick.

Alex Kollar


In Spring of 2021 Alex rode the 5 Washington State Volcanos with his best friend, entirely human powered, all via bike, from state border to border. He love's exploring the mountains with friends on his splitboard. He is also a videographer who documents these epic adventures.

Alex's Setup

The Powgoda

Cardiff makes some of the best splitboards in the world. This level of craft makes Cardiff an obvious option. I love the attention to detail, durability and feeling of all the Cardiff boards.

If I had to choose one Cardiff item it would be the Powgoda. This board is the best powder gadget I have ever ridden. I love powder, Powgoda and Cardiff! Alex has also been known to ride the Bonsai Carbon Split 158 and Bonsai Enduro Solid 158.

I love mountain biking, kayaking, paragliding, photography, videography and farmers markets!

Rain Felkl


Rain Felkl is an Alaska Native born and raised in Juneau. After making the move to the Wasatch Mountains, she was quickly captivated by the freedom and adventure of human-powered splitboarding. Rain has had the opportunity to ride all over the western lower 48s in exceptional mountain ranges. In addition, Rain has spent time riding in Alaska’s mountain ranges. When she isn’t riding powder, Rain is a rock climber and cyclist, which has naturally led her eye towards more exploratory splitboard objectives. Rain is an instructor of avalanche education and splitboard guide for Utah Mountain Adventures in the Wasatch Range.

Rain's Setup

The Goat

The Powgoda

For me Cardiff equates to efficiency, performance and reliability in the mountains. Cardiff's durable board builds allow me to know my equipment won't fail me on big mountain days, icy skin tracks, or firm descents, I trust my Cardiff board to hold an edge.

The Powgoda! Your number one playful companion on a pow day, while the sidecut of this board allows for quick turns that are confidence inspiring in the steeps. Rain has also been known to ride the Goat Pro Carbon Split 150.

Bike to board trips have really come into focus for me, it adds an exciting element to be fully human propelled. I’d like to complete a Eastern Sierra’s bike to board. Also on the list are yearly spring Alaska Range missions. For these, I’ll fly in with TAT, although approaching through the tundra at least once sounds inspiring!

Owen Cassidy


One of the bigger goals for Owen's splitboard mountaineering is to start approaching 20k summits with the intention of putting tracks down a few undescended objectives in the Karakoram Range. Pushing the technical aspect of pairing challenging and aesthetic ascents (not just the easiest option) to notable descents in the High Sierra and beyond.

Owen's Setup

The Crane

First Decent - Washoe Revolution/Gnarnia - Squaw Valley, CA Establishing First Descents and rideable terrain in Baxter State Park on Katahdin, ME Recovering from a riding related Traumatic spinal Injury at age 15 to resume the sport

Crane Solid Enduro 158 Bonsai Split Enduro 158

Sea Kayaking, rock climbing, cycling, trail running

Jeremy Jensen


Jeremy started competing in slopestyle, big air and boarder cross events in the 90s with numerous podium lands over 13+ years of competing. Since the beginning, his true love was always playing in the backcountry whether that be building & hitting jumps, dropping cliffs or bagging lines. He split his first DIY splitboard in 2001 to expand his reach into the backcountry of Utah, Idaho & Wyoming. He's been an avid contributor to the Utah Avalanche Center for the past 18 years, helping with clinics, fundraising and observations.

Jeremy's Setup

The Crane

Black Diamond GlideLite Splitboard Climbing Skins 145 MM

I was drawn to Cardiff because of their focus on unique and functional design, especially their focus on splitboard design. Their philosophy & mission are on point with my own.

The Carbon Crane 158 is my go to splitboard because it’s extremely light and packs pop for a lively ride and for taking to the air. I’ve always loved perfecting my riding both ways, so the twin design suits my day to day style well. Deeper days and larger more open terrain I’ll take the Carbon Crane 162. Spark Arc Pro bindings for ultra lightweight set up and quick transitions on the split version with BD Glidelite Skins.

I love snowboarding in the backcountry and off the beaten path because that’s where the all the best feels are. Less distraction from crowds and more connection with nature. Some of my favorite zones are the Central & Northern Wasatch, Tetons, Interior & Coastal British Columbia, and Japan.

Izzy Lazarus


Growing up in NYC, Izzy was skating around the concrete jungle way before she ever slid down snow. Snowboarding fell into her life while in college in Vermont. From there, the pursuit of mountain experiences has taken her to some incredible stashes and summit. Izzy lives in Jackson, WY, home to her favorite mountains for riding and climbing. Izzy has a love for teaching, being in the mountains and conversation, which is why she has pursued a career in mountain guiding. From avy courses, to remote summits, Izzy is psyched to share an adventure!

The first time I rode a Cardiff board was at a demo event. I took the Crane out on a run that I have ridden hundreds of times, yet this one was different. The Crane turned this familiar terrain into a playground and felt like I was putting a new lens on to riding the mountain. I retuned to the demo tent smiling ear to ear and reluctantly returned the board. I am so excited to be able to continue to ride Cardiff boards because they are constructed with every detail in mind; the results are boards that inspire confidence and playfulness.

I am primarily riding the Cardiff Crane. I ride a 146 enduro solid and a 150 carbon split. The Crane feels like the board I can ride anything on, from carving corduroy, popping off natural features and maneuvering easily in steep terrain. I am super excited to go on long walks in the Tetons with my Carbon split this year.

I like riding with anyone who is willing to get up early and get after it. People who are down to make a goal and nail it. It doesn't matter if they are skiers, snowboarders, powsurfers. I'm down to ride with those who are motivated by the same things I am.

Stratton Matteson


I was originally drawn to Cardiff by their community-focused and rider-driven team. They value building a family of like-minded riders that support each other’s shared and individual goals. The other key attribute is their dedication to durable high-quality snow crafts and continuing to develop unique shapes and designs.

The Goat

The Crane

Eric Layton


Guide at Bald Face lodge, Guide at Third Edge Heli (Alaska/South America)

Max Test


The Powgoda

The Crane

Michael Wigley


Guide at Bald Face Lodge, Guide at Keefer Lake Lodge

Finn Eisenman

Finn Eisenman was born in Vail, Co, and has had a passion for snowboarding since he could walk. Now at 16, Finn has grown to be a strong competitor in Freeride, winning the #1 spot in IFSA North American Champs and ranked first overall in 2022. He has the hope to progress to the Freeride World Tour, and travel to the world’s best snowboard venues. Finn would love to feature in snowboard movies and learn about the filmmaking process. With a recent found love for split-boarding, he is always seeking new adventure, challenges, and ways to constantly improve.