Different by Design

Core Tech


Seamless urethane sidewalls fuse to our cores to create the most durable and damp ride available - featured on the Enduro Series decks.


Cardiff Enduro cores feature a poplar-paulownia construction with vertical layers of carbon fiber in-between. This simple detail helps the core retain its shape for years.


Are located under foot in the binding area to transfer rider input directly to the edges - featured on all solid models.


On both the Enduro and Pro Carbon splitboards we use a scratch resistant dimpled topsheet for maximum performance and protection.


Reverse sidecut bumps aligned with the bindings add grip to tighter sidecut radii.


All of our boards have poplar stringer backed sidewalls. This reinforces the edge while protecting the lightweight cores.

Top Sheet Tech

SHOWtopper SD

On both the Solid Enduro and Pro Carbon decks we use a unique process of printing our graphics on a urethane topsheet which allow us to reveal the construction of the boards. This is then topped with a water-based lacquer.


Cardiff creates wider-wasted high performance boards that will accommodate larger boot sizes without toe drag... you're welcome.

Triaxial Tech


Two layers of triaxial fiberglass above and below the core.

Base Tech


Black graphite infused sintered base for maximized glide and easy repair.


Our solid shapes are backcountry-inspired but resort-tuned—meaning all our solids have been shaped and adapted to ride on groomed snow.

Shape and Camber

FLOATilla shorter length but more float

Board Diagram

RADIcAL SIDECUT - Long & stable blend of radial & progressive


The patent-pending Cardiff HALFcamber places camber wher it is absolutely necessary and gradual rocker everywhere else. The result is maximum glide, maneuverability and edge control.


PIVOT 2.0 is two points of base contact. One under or in front of your front foot and on behind the back foot. The location of that contact relative to your foot position makes the board nimble and stable.

PIVOT 3.0 is three points of base contact. The first and second are the same as 2.0 but the third is between the feet. It goes relatively unnoticed until you are in softer snow and it creates a central pivot between your legs. It makes it easier for a longer effective edge to be more nimble.

Goat Solid Board

The Goat

Goat Camber

The Crane

Crane Camber

The Powgoda

Powgoda Camber

The Swell

Swell Camber

The Bonsai

Bonsai Camber
Goat Solid Board



For those that require durability and dependibility

The Enduro build is for those that require the most durable, reliable and high performance equipment. This build features our CARBONcore and triaxial fiberglass construction which creates a torsionally rigid ride and adds strength to the board for increased durability.

  • CARBONcore
  • UNIwall
  • TRIAXglass
  • LAUNCHpads

Pro Carbon

For those that demand cutting edge ultralight gear

This is a true 100% carbon fiber construction build. The core is a lightweight poplar + paulownia mix with vertically laid aluminum strips which balances the carbon to give it a more damp ride. in our splitboard models we added reinforcements under the toe piece and the ENDUROcap. On the solid version we use our urethane SHOWtopper finish, which allows for quick and easy snow shedding.

  • TITANcore
  • SLIDEwall
  • CARBONfiber100
  • FULLplank

Board Spectrum

Board Spectrum

Shaper Reviews

Tokyo, Japan
Location: Wasatch
Photographer: Andy Earl

Mark Winkelarr


Second-to-none in shape and finish. Absolutely a work of art. The blue and graphic on the tail is hangable art. I’ll carry my board in the lift line. Give me a huge bubble. Don’t even get your skis anywhere near my ride I’m keeping this one “nice”.

Tyler Macleod

Product Editor at Transworld Snow

POWGODA - Frickin’ rad board. The shape, the camber profile, the flex, even the graphics were all in line with what I look for in a board. This was easily my favorite of the test so far. Thank you, Cardiff!

Aaron Lebowitz

Owner of Elevated Surfcraft

POWGODA - Mind-blowing! My one favorite board of the PowWow (Jackson Hole Shaper Summit).

Chance Cooke

Shaper Summit Tester

POWGODA - Love the spirit and presentation of all the Cardiff boards, you guys are kicking ass!