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James Crosby
My new splitboard

I am so excited to try my new board next season. I bought the Goat enduro splitboard after testing it out for a day of riding at Brighton Resort. The demo day was so easy to set up. The shop is located right at the base of Big Cottonwood canyon, so it could not be more convenient to pick up and drop off the demo. There are options at the resort for rental too, but I wanted to try something bigger than what was available. The staff at the shop were super helpful talking about every aspect of enduro vs carbon and specs across the different models. We did a deep dive into the skins as well so by the end, I was extremely confident in the setup I wanted to buy. Having the chance to ride the exact model and size was the icing on the cake. I am positively FROTHING for next season! The snow continues to dump, but no way am I taking my virgin base out for spring riding haha! The last piece of this review is dedicated to buying from a local brand and small biz. I am stoked to be supporting this company, and to reinforce that, one of the guys I was chatting with about the boards turned out to be an absolute legend and snowboarding icon. It wasn't until he left the shop that the sales guy said "do you know who that was?" NO. EFFING. WAY. Thanks for the awesome purchasing experience Cardiff! Customer for LIFE!

Chris Smith
Great do-it-all BC split

Love it and won't go back to another brand!

Ryan Bunker
Goat for the win

Thank you to Jmo and the Cardiff crew. I appreciate your time and consideration helping me find the right board for me. I wanted something that blasts through difficult conditions and holds an edge in steep, icy terrain. After a week touring the San Juans, the Goat has opened the door to go more confidently into bigger terrain.

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