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The Swell

$750 - $1,200

A deep-pow explorer designed for the surfers of the mountains, the SWELL is a surfinspired shape that fuses form and function. Seen riding steep couloirs, exposed spines and chest-deep stashes, the Swell is optimized for the ultimate ride.

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Our big-mountain snow surfer designed for steep lines and all-time conditions, the Swell is the board for those out searching for the ultimate ride. The Swell's unique, ocean-inspired shape combines a wide, ultra-floaty tip, the gradual rocker of our HALFcamber60 design, 30mm of taper, and our Wingpin tail - which makes for quick and nimble maneuverability in tight terrain - to create a board that rides the wave without the need to paddle out. The board's BOARDERpatrol technology uses poplar stringer which fuses with the UNIwall seamless urethane sidewall to reinforce the edge and provide an incredibly damp ride. For the Swell's original artwork, Sam Bawden expressed the board's dual inspirations of fine-tuned woodcraft and ocean-inspired performance.

The Swell Split Diagram The Swell Camber Dimensions
The Swell Solid Diagram
SURF tip and WINGPIN tail

Surf inspired nose that creates a smooth entry into and out of turns. The wings of the wingpin extend the effective edge and pull in to release the edge making quick side to side turns off the tail smooth and easy.

UNIwall + BOARDERpatrol

Seamless urethane sidewalls fuse to our cores to create the most durable and damp ride available - featured on the Enduro Series decks. All of our boards have poplar stringer backed sidewalls. This reinforces the edge while protecting the lightweight cores.

30MM of Taper

Placing more surface area in the nose and tapering it down through the tail allows the swell to get up and plane on soft snow without effort.

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