The Powgoda Watermark

The Powgoda

$750 - $1,200

Surfy, responsive, and full of snap, the POWGODA is our go-anywhere crusher that rocks a loose playful ride in deep pow, eats up high-speed groomer runs, and isn’t afraid to throw a five and land switch.

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The first board we reach for when storm totals crest into double digits, the Powgoda is a playful, pow-centric design that will remind you why you started snowboarding. Designed for the deep but fully capable in a wide variety of conditions, the Powgoda floats, carves, slashes, and butters with ease. Our original HALFcamber50 design (with camber underfoot on 50% of the deck), along with a perfectly matched pivot point under the front foot, inspires confidence in deep snow, helps you stay afloat and serves up premium maneuverability. BOARDERpatrol technology uses poplar stringer which fuses with the UNIwall seamless urethane sidewall to reinforce the edge and provide an incredibly damp ride. Sam Bawden created the Powgoda's original artwork, inspired by the complex joinery and sophisticated design of Japan's Hōryū-ji pagoda, one of the oldest wooden buildings in the world.

The Powgoda Split Diagram The Powgoda Camber Dimensions
The Powgoda Solid Diagram
Original HALFcamber

The Cardiff HALFcamber places camber where it is absolutely necessary and gradual rocker everywhere else. The result is maximum glide, maneuverability and edge control.

BUTTERblunt nose & tail

This nose and tail are designed to allow easy transition from side to side but massive float without the extra length and weight of traditional powder shapes. This creates the perfect nose and tail to pop and butter.

PERFECTpivot 2.0

Every Cardiff snowboard is uniquely designed to match the shape to the camber - resulting in a new standard of performance.

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