One of my architectural professors had this quote from Socrates hanging in his office right where you would see it each time you came in.  This rather gruff professor taught me an important principle: to create, is a process of trial and error, success and failure and in the end you are never "done". To some, the idea of a long creative journey that may not yield an expected result may seem pointless.  However, the idea that there is no ONE solution but an INFINITE number is exhilarating to me.  

To put this in context of snowboarding, we could all stand atop the same high place and look down at a field of snow and not one of us will make the same series of turns down the mountain.  We all interpret the terrain uniquely and respond in our own way, but ultimately we all experience the same joy of the turn and arrive at the bottom to fist bump and shout out-loud.

Our job at Cardiff is much like my professors was for me; to put you in a position to experience the joy of the creative journey.  It is to help you STAND IN HIGH PLACES so you can turn your turn.

- Sam Bawden, Founder | Shaper | Rider